Earache? Ice and heat can help you

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22 August 2023

How to lessen the pain of an earache? There are methods that can be easily applied at home - amongst them, the benefits of heat and cold.

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A new edition of the Dispotech blog! Today we will analyse a very common pain shared by young and old that can cause discomfort and be a nuisance: earaches.

Otalgia may have many causes; in some situations, it can be cured in a few days, in others medical attention is necessary.

In the meantime, how to lessen the pain of an earache? There are methods that can be easily applied at home - amongst them, the benefits of heat and cold. We recommend that you not look for solutions on Google, but always consult your family physician for any doubts or questions.

Let’s find out what the three solutions for earache are aided by an article read at ceenta.com.


Earache: the possible causes

Otalgia is a very common health problem which should always be diagnosed and assessed by a physician. Having a specialist present is especially important to understand the cause of the earache. While ear canal infections are almost always caused by bacteria moving in the ear, there are also other reasons: allergies, sinusitis, toothache or even cancer.

It is therefore important not to panic - or worse, to underestimate the pain and risk feeling even worse - and have a doctor check it immediately.

If the pain is severe and you experience a noticeable loss of hearing, you should immediately consult an otorhinolaryngology specialist, a doctor who specialises in treating ear, nose and throat health.


There are several remedies for curing earache, but doctors agree in advising everyone not to put anything in the ear: any external substance or body could cause further problems. An example of what not to do when you have an earache is to try to clean the ear canal with wax cones or candles: not only are they ineffective, but they can worsen the situation.


How can you get rid of an earache?

If you are searching for an effective method, first try the benefits of a cold ice pack or a hot pack.


Ice for an earache. A disposable ice pack or a gel pack kept in the freezer may help you if your earache is caused by inflammation. Make sure you always wrap your ice pack in a soft, dry cloth: contact between the ice pack and your skin could cause cold burns!


Heat for an earache. If your otalgia can be traced to a muscle spasm, the benefits of heat might help you feel better. Use your hot pack (but not too hot, make sure the temperature is bearable) and place it on your ear for no more than 20 minutes.


As an alternative, a quick method for calming an earache is to take over-the-counter medication. Doctors recommend aspirin or ibuprofen for almost immediate relief. However, medicines must be taken wisely, especially if those who are suffering from otalgia are children. Always seek your doctor’s advice, who will be able to guide you towards the best solution.


Have you ever used the benefits of heat and cold against earache?

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