Medical disposables

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Our medical disposables are designed and manufactured for all medical and healthcare facilities, hospitals and care homes, as well as all health workers: doctors, nurses and other professionals in the sector.

We supply and ship worldwide!


The list of disposable medical supplies by Dispotech

Of the wide range of medical disposable items, particularly relevant are our instant ice packs and heat packs, reusable hot-cold gel packs, ice spray, rolls of disposable medical sheets, medical gloves, disposable towels and napkins, pouches and rolls for sterilisation, rolls of disposable bibs and bibs with pocket, surgical masks, plasticised sheets and much more besides.


Customise your disposable devices

Our medical disposable products are available both in the Dispotech-branded version and in the Private Label version, with customisation possibilities of the products, including the packaging and the format.

For example, you can choose to put your brand name and logo on the supplies to increase your brand awareness.


High-quality medical products

The whole range of disposable products is manufactured internally by Dispotech itself, for a 100% Made-in-Italy production and better control.

We take extra care in choosing the best raw materials to produce them: this way we can always assure high quality.


Disposable healthcare products worldwide

Although we manufacture all healthcare products within our company in Italy, we ship them worldwide. So, whether you are in the UK or somewhere else in Europe or in the world, you can order your disposable medical products and be sure to safely receive them.


In the listing below, you find a complete medical disposable products list available to distributors in Italy and abroad.


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