Disposable heat packs

Dispo Hot

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The disposable heat pack Dispo Hot, produced by Dispotech in non-woven fabric, belongs to Class IIa medical device, and are mostly used for providing localised pain relief.

Two dimensions of disposable heat packs are available: 14x18 cm and 14x28. They both come in packages containing 25 pieces.

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14x18 cm
14x24 cm


25 pcs
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What are disposable instant hot packs used for?

Instant hot packs are disposable items which play a role in reducing joint stiffness, pain, and muscle spasms, whiplash, and arthritis. This is because heat is able to increase blood flow and help restore movement to injured tissue.

Doctors often recommend using cold packs for the first days, and then switching to heat if pain persists or becomes more chronic.

As such, instant heat packs are used both in professional and home applications like:

  • medical sector - hospitals, nursing homes and the likes
  • dental clinics - for instance, alternating hot and cold packs helps patients manage pain and swelling after implantology
  • domestic applications - Dispotech instant hot packs are also available for wholesale orders aimed at mass distribution


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How do you activate a disposable instant hot pack?

It is extremely simple to activate Dispotech instant hot packs. All you need to do is to squeeze tightly the inner water bag and massage it until it gets warm to the touch so as to generate an exothermic reaction that releases immediate heat (+50° C)

You can now go on applying directly the heat pack on the desired portion of skin for effective pain relief. 

After use, Dispotech instant hot packs can be easily disposed of.


Customisable disposable heat packs 

Due to the growing demand of custom medical and dental products coming from hospitals as well as from various public and private clinics, at Dispotech we offer the chance to customise the bag and the package of heat packs with your logo and the graphics you need.

Customization possibilities regards for both wholesale orders and low quantities requests. Please contact us to ask for more information, we will be happy to answer your requests.